HackUS 2010 CTF Event

HackUS First Edition, is a capture the flag event being held in Sherbrooke Quebec in April of 2010. The event will last a full 48 hours which is guaranteed to keep you from actually doing any sleep.
More details can be found on there website: HackUS

Also, here are a few of the prizes made available thanks to Offensive-Security’s generosity:
PWB w/ 60 day lab access
CTP w/ 60 day lab access
Now that’s what I called an incentive to participate.
Registration is only 110$ CAD and includes meals and accommodations, with transportation from the hotel to the event site. It’s 50$ CAD if you don’t want a hotel room (or plan on not sleeping).

I had the pleasure of e-mailing one of the organizers. Must say, very nice and he’s obviously
into Information Security. The Sherbrooke team came in second place at the
Hackfest.ca CTF event this past November. Just one point shy of the UQAM team. I’m sure you guys will get your revenge in April.

So if any of you are near the Quebec boarder, I highly recommend this. Check out their site and hope to see you there.

I’ll be participating, but will only send in my registration fees after Christmas… bills bills bills