Hackus.org CTF soon upon us

Well, it’s almost time for Sherbrooke University’s CTF. You can get all the information at the HackUS.org site.
Everyone from Kioptrix.com will be participating…yes all 2 of us.

This 3 day event will be my first CTF experience. Should be interesting to see how my new-ish skills stack up to more seasoned and experienced computer geeks. Although I don’t consider myself a “hacker”, I expect we’ll do poorly compared to other teams. For example, the team from the Universite de Quebec a Montreal (UQAM) took first place at Hackfest.ca‘s CTF last novermber. I don’t expect to even come close to these guys. Our goal? 1 point..at least.

Nothing really security related on this post, just wanted to inform to whom ever is reading this, we’ll be reporting back from HackUS with a nice play-by-play of the CTF.

Remember to visit those sites I mentioned above, and also kioptrix.com

Have a good one,