News and updates…

Well it’s been in the making for a while. Due to certain events and health issues we’ve had trouble being consistent. Good for us, we’ve been able to work on our pet project. A all French language podcast 🙂
Loosely styled around Pauldotcom security weekly’s format, we try to inform and give out bits of information to people. We also try to entertain, but remember we are not professionals at this. No spoon feeding, you won’t learn to hack, penetrate or compromise systems, but you will learn basic information and where to start if you’re interested.

So far, we have 2 episodes available for download on iTunes, or direct links from our site.
Episode 1: We introduce ourselves, talk a bit about the Sulley Framework
Episode 2: Quick talk on Internet Explorer, Snort and Airdrop-ng
Here’s the RSS feed if you wish.

Keep in mind we’re knew at this, and will try to come out with new episodes once every 3 weeks to a month.

Also as a reminder, HackUS’s CTF is very close so check them out and get registered.
Hackfest.ca 2010’s Call for paper is also open, so if you’re interested or have something to say drop them an email

Hope you enjoy the podcast,
Have a good one.