“Metasplizing” – Convert an existing exploit to MSF Module

Well, I wrote this nice little article about taking an exploit and re-writing it as a MSF module.  Unfortunately, it’s really hard to import Word 2010 files to WordPress.  So easier for everyone if I just make it into a PDF file and made available for download.

It’s a very basic look at the process; Hope you enjoy it.. here it is.


Been awhile hasn’t it…

Well, it’s been over a month since I haven’t posted anything here. Family life, work and studies have taken up most of my time. Once my daily chores completed I know longer have the energy to stay in front of the computer.  Recently I’ve been studying the MCTS for Exchange 2007.  Taking the exam in early June. I’m also starting Offsec’s second course, CTP and hoping to eventually add the OSCE next to OSCP.  Should be a tough one, but if I play my cards right all should be well.

I’m still testing for exploit-db, and keeping current (as much as I can) with all things ‘infosec’, but it’s difficult these days.  Summer means family outings, clean-up and a different work load at my current place of employment.  Rest assured, I will still be working on updating this blog… So all 2 of you reading will be fine 😉

With CTP coming soon, I’ll need a place to write up my notes.  Same way I did for PWB (formally OffSec101), so lots of interesting snippets coming.  The VM project is on hold unfortunately.  Seeing I needed to switch to Hyper-V for work purposes, It’s difficult at the moment.

Other news, Hackfest.ca has released it’s pre-sales information for the upcoming convention in November. You can check them out here.  I’ll be attending for both days of course.

Have a good one people, wish me luck…