Owned and Exposed at it again

Well, for the past few hours the news has been spreading like wild fire. EDB, Inj3ct0r and a few others have been had by the skilled ninjas from “owned and exposed” team. Being a member of exploit-db myself, I have to admit it came as a shock. At the same time I was curious and well… have to give credit where credit is due.

They were nice enough to leave the site alone…  thanks again. Here’s an article recently posted on Exploit-DB about the matter.


Using Sulley on local application

Well, I got an e-mail not too long ago asking me how to use Sulley as a file fuzzer almost. My reply was, use “peach fuzz” or “MiniFuzz“. Seeing Sulley is more of a remote service fuzzer (but not limited too).

So Pepelux whipped up a nice python script, using existing libraries, to do just that. He was nice enough to write up a small article and translate it into English.

Thanks alot Pepelux.
So here’s the PDF, read and enjoy.
And here’s the original article from his blog.