Vigilante justice… was it worth it?

When Batman brought down the gauntlet of justice on the Joker, or a low life street thug, he did to protect the innocent. To protect the ones that justice had forgotten, the ones that are incapable of defending themselves. In the rare occasions innocent by standers were hurt, Bruce Wayne would try and do good by them. Either directly or indirectly…

The type of justice that fell upon LIGATT yesterday is a perfect example of vigilante justice. Unfortunately, innocent people may be hurt by this. With all the personal information, now readily available for download, of people not involved in the situation between the Information Security community and Gregory Evans, this is just a disaster waiting to happen. I say disaster because of this statement, presumably made by the person/persons involved in this attack:

This release immediately follows with a small regret. Apologies much be given to all the bystanders, innocent or otherwise. Contained within his inbox is personal information of many, many people. Social security numbers, bank account routing numbers, credit reports, and other reports by private investigators. It was completely impractical to redact all of this information in any effective manner, and for that: sadness.