A few nice ESXi 5.5 binaries

So it has been a while hasn’t it? I really do like having a blog, but life/work keeps getting in the way. It’s not from a lack of subject matter, it really is just about time. At the time of this writing, it’s November 30th so hoping to get this out there today.

It’s funny that my first post, in what seems like an eternity, won’t be security related. Still doesn’t mean I can’t share stuff, regardless if some find it interesting or not. It’s my blog damn it!
If I want to post pictures of cats into BDSM I shall!… ANYwho.

To start off, I really like virtual machines… The flavour I mostly use at home is VMware’s ESXi. Now before anyone gets all huffy, don’t worry I’ll be giving you more reasons to hate me. I choose VMware for a few reasons, mostly it’s what I’ve used in previous places of employment, and I also had hardware to run it. So I figured I’d learn it.

One thing any ESXi user has had to do at some point, is log into via ssh in the host…then the fun starts, file editing.
Personally, I prefer “nano” over “vi” why? Because I keep forgetting “vi” commands. As simple as that. Go ahead, hate me for it.

Going to the googles I figured someone’s bound to have uploaded a file.. or something. Apparently not. I even thought about it really really hard for 24 hours, and it didn’t appear on SourceForge nor Github. So I figured I’d try my hand at compiling “nano” for use on ESXi. Much like this guy here: rsync statically linked binary.
Mind you, I’m not a coder/dev type person. No gcc guru here, just a system admin. For many this would’ve been a walk in the park. Wasn’t so simple for me. Something new is always hard, it’s called trying\learning.