NetHunter Install on Nexus 5

Installing Kali NetHunter on the Nexus 5…

So, the Internet is filled with posts on this subject. Some great, others not so great, yet I still had issues when first trying to get it installed. NetHunter has changed from when I beta tested it many cycles ago. The process has that clean, professional feeling with a hint of home-brew hacker vibe. When the process is finished, the device reboots, and you are greeted with a nice animation unique to the OS. That’s assuming the progress bar didn’t stick on 40% during install.

Hopefully my contribution to the sea of posts on the matter will help a few, so let’s get down to business… cue the Keurig!

Stuff used in this demonstration:
• 1 Google Nexus 5 (LG)
• 1 USB cable to hook it up to you box (in my case Mac OSX)
• Kali NetHunter from Offensive Security (link here)
• Binaries from rootnexus5.com (link here)
• Google Android stock OS (link here) – Choose Marshmallow
• TWRP Recovery image (link here)
• Super-SU 2.78 to root your phone (link here)
• Index finger