Well Hackfest third edition, Quebec’s largest and best Information Security Conference, has come to past. Like years previous this one was amazing.  The talks were full of life and content that kept you glued to your seat. The CTF games at the end of each day were simply works of networking art (trying to get the network diagram atm).  Unfortunately, due to a degenerative disease called “aging” I couldn’t participate in the events. Perhaps next year… who knows.

A major part of this conference were the people attending. Most, if not all, are hackers at heart willing to talk, share ideas and opinions. One could basically strike up a conversation with practically anyone.  Same goes with the speakers. The beauty of these types of Cons., is that you can actually hear yourself (and others) speak. No need to text message the guy in front of you just to say “Hi…”.

For a second year in a row, Hackfest has exceeded all expectations breaking every record they could think off. Attendance was up (300++), pre-registration was up, t-shirt sales were up and CTF participation was up.  It showed too… You’ve should’ve seen the organizers, zombies really do exist.

I have to thank all the sponsors such as Slow Cow, Offensive Security, The Laval University for helping these guys put up a great event. Leaving some important ones out I’m sure, but just going by memory from what I saw/heard over there…

With this all said and done, I unfortunately don’t have any pictures of the event and it’s memorable moments. Please take the time to visit the site and have a look around. This convention is worthy of your attention. And if you live near the Quebec boarder, say Ottawa, Vermont, Boston (yes it’s not that far) consider doing the trip next year. Quebec City really is a beautiful place to visit…


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