A few days ago at work, something extraordinarily stupid happened… The idea of purchasing bigger (more complicated), more powerful servers was suggested to get more performance out of our VMware infrastructure. Logic would agree with that; if you have a bigger hammer you can break bigger stones. Unfortunately in our current situation, we don’t need bigger hammers. We need to better use the hammers we already have.

Training, it seems, is something small/medium business seem to overlook. They tend to think they need to spend whatever little money they have in equipment. Well in some circumstances it can be very useful, but in others simple training and understanding of the current technology can also squeeze out performance out of systems.

Let’s take for example the growing popularity of visualization (I’m not talking about the little VMs home users run with VMplayer or that free VMware server). Let’s face it, it’s not easy to configure correctly. Key word is “correctly”, if by any chance a manager is reading this… Once installed and correctly tweaked, that HP G5 or G6 can really give your money’s worth. Coupled with a good storage system (again properly configured), a few of these machines will give out some good results, and host many virtual systems. Of course the package as a whole needs to be installed and configured correctly. And one way of insuring you get what you deserve out of your setup, is training. If you can’t reap the complete benefits out of your current setup, changing everything won’t change a thing.

So how can lack of training be a problem? Well lack of training leads to misconfiguration. Ill configured systems tend to not to run as well as they should. And let’s face it, there’s bound to be some security issues in something that is not properly configured.

VMware training is a few thousand bucks, and that knowledge stays forever…
New servers and that nice looking EMC will run you up in the tens of thousands…
Simple math really…

This rant has gone on for long enough.

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