I’ve been away from this blog for a while now, with good reason.  Been hammering at Offensive-Security’s CTP course for the last month and a bit.  Although my official results aren’t in, the experience was incredible.  The PWB course showed just how broken the Internet is, CTP only solidified that reality for me.

CTP is geared towards learning, and thinking in a whole different way (as opposed to PWB).   From start to finish, one needs to use his brain.  Think outside the box, and sometimes construct a new ones…  As with anything, difficulty is relative to one’s personal knowledge.

As far as certifications and training goes, nothing beats the hands on approach in my opinion.  Offsec once again delivers.  Not to put down the “multiple choice” exams out there (I also hold several of those), but material retention is greater when one needs to actually “do” rather then check choice “A”.

In the end, pass or fail, I’m closer to my goal… Know as much as I can.

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