Any and all information found on this site, or by links provided by this site is entirely for educational purposes, and should be treated as such. Kioptrix cannot be held responsible or liable for any actions directly or indirectly related to the information, techniques and knowledge learned by the provided information.

The intended purpose of the blog entries is to help the system and network administrators find possible vulnerabilities and security threats. Knowing the other team’s playbook can sometimes help to put up the proper defense. It also helps the beginner who wishes to know more on the subject of Information Security. As our goal is to teach and learn from one another and not “how to hack”. We try to be the first step into learning the basic techniques, so as to help the new comer find his/her way.

Kioptrix is not responsible for any damage or instability caused by running, installing or using this VM image. Use at your own risk.

These are vulnerable systems, DO NOT run these OS in a production environment. Nor should you give these system accesses to the outside world (the Internet – or Interwebs…) These installations are either old, or not completely up to date.

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