Been awhile, unfortunately life throws a few curve balls once in a while. So this post isn’t “security related” but still can be useful for some.

In any letter campaign, a few keys to success are to have a good letter, proper English and staying polite. This last point is difficult at times when one is campaigning for something they take to heart. Staying polite will usually insure that the receiving person will keep on reading. A perfect example is “theprez98” recent letter to MIS Training Institute concerning their 2nd Annual ICT Security Africa Summit. So I’ve taken the liberty of using theprez98’s letter and modified it for Greg’s latest conference appearance the 2011 Techno Forensics Conference. All one needs to do is sign and send to the email address provided by attrition’s recent tweet.


Good day,

I noted with particular interest on your homepage (http://www.technoforensicsconference.com/) that you have Mr. Gregory Evans listed as one of the speakers for the “Digital Forensics Conference” this November (http://techno-forensics.com/agenda).

Mr. Evans proudly claims his status as an ex-hacker (and ex-felon), but there is a much deeper (and more recent) history that you should consider before allowing Mr. Evans to speak. I would like to point you to a web page (http://attrition.org/errata/charlatan/gregory_evans/) that details multiple issues with Mr. Evans conduct over the past few years, including multiple counts of plagiarism, multiple legal and financial issues, multiple lies about the certifications he holds, and much more. Added to that, Mr. Evans has repeatedly threatened those who criticize him, and frequently claims any criticisms of him are attacks against his race.

 Additionally, I would like to point you to the video from CBS News Atlanta, who exposed much of Mr. Evans fraud this past February. This video can be viewed here: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3Ms8UZnOoA).

 I believe that after learning more about Mr. Evans background, you will come to the conclusion that it is not worth the reputation of your conference to extend him an invitation. Mr. Evans is a stain on the computer security industry and that stain goes with everything he touches. Please do not allow your conference to be blighted by Mr. Evans association.

Please note that I have nothing to gain from writing this email except the assurance that I did the right thing in letting you know about Mr. Evans’ past.


<Your name here>



If you wish, you can just copy past and sign your name at the end. Here is the e-mail address you could send it to: jkirkpatrick[at]viconpublishing.com

As mentioned on the theprez98’s site. I also have nothing to gain from this, nor has Mr.Evans ever contacted me etc etc etc.


oops, forgot thx theprez98 for this. You really did write a proper letter (e-mail) for this type of thing.

<ps: I just woke up here, no my english may not be great at the moment.>

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