This past weekend’s CTF event hosted at the Sherbrooke University, and organized by the crew of HackUS.org was a complete success in my opinion. From the warm (and unexpected) welcome, right down to the ambiance and food provided. This being my first ever participation in this type of event, must say I wasn’t disappointed at all.

The battle ground HackUS provided us was exceptionally well made. All teams had lots of room to set up shop; we had meals provided for us during the whole event. Alcoholic beverages were available. As a whole, these guys organized one hell of a party. We had the standard CTF event, a Web CTF, some trivia/crypto puzzles to solve and web level-ups. Some reverse engineering, a botnet to analyze and in the end even a game of open-arena… It had everything for everyone. No complaints; nothing more was needed.

As for our performance, well didn’t fare to well compare to the other teams. 10 teams participated, and we finished 9th overall. Still not bad for 2 guys looking to score at least 1 point… We got 60 in the end. I even got a bonus gift… An 85$ ticket for smoking near a public building.

Day 1:

We arrive at the hotel in Sherbrooke at around 15h00. After the 2 hour drive a well deserved shower is taken.
Then I decide to warm up for the upcoming activities.

All started with registration and the warm welcome (which gave me performance anxiety) from the HackUS crew. We were led to our table and then started to plug-in our gear. Seeing this was our first time at such an event we may have brought too much gear.

We’re given instructions on how things work, and we’re let loose on the network…
I of course, get another beer.

Day 2:

After 4 hours sleep, I drag my skinny a** out of bed and head back to face the war zone once more. After taking a wrong turn on the highway, I eventually got to Sherbrooke University campus.  Got a few points talked to some great people and more beer.

Day 3:

This one was rough. After two days away from home, I was starting to miss my own bed and pillow. We got a few more points in, but by this time we were out of ideas and stuck in 9th place.

Around 15h00 that afternoon, it was the end. Prizes were given out, pictures were taken and hands were shaken. All of this with the presence of beer.

So as whole, this weekend was great. We now know what such an event looks and feels like. We’ll be better prepared for next year’s HackUS CTF.
Good job guys. You guys should be proud.

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