Another Christmas is soon about us, another year is almost near.
Would like to thank everyone we hold dear.
You have all made Kioptrix what we are,
Everyone near and far.

We had planned to stay small but fair,
Without tearing out much of our hair.
We have succeeded in continuing on for another year,
Thank you very much, it gives us tears.

For everyone who has supported us in the past,
Let’s hope the relationship lasts.
We have met many new faces because if this.
And to them we wish holiday bliss.


Thank you for keeping Kioptrix alive well during 2011. Personally I never expected our blog to be so popular. As I’ve said many time before “difficulty is relative to everyone”, so is success. And consider this past year, as well as this whole project of ours a success.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.
Be good & stay safe guys.

Thank you,
aka loneferret

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