New home soon…

My blog will have a new permanent home soon. A friend and I have setup a small website, and I’ll be moving this blog there. Going to be fun, I’ll be able to post screen-shots and better serve the public with my small IT tutorials and everyday sysadmin rants…

At the moment the site is not 100% complete. It does have many links to tools, videos, articles and RSS feeds we find interesting. We also have 2 vulnerable VM images one can practice scans and penetration methods. We hope people will enjoy it.

The site’s purpose is gather as much information relating to IT security and place it in one neat little package. We are fully aware of the fact that many sites like this exists, but one more won’t hurt. If it can help one or two people find an interesting fact on security I’ll be happy. The website will be re-written in French so as to better serve the people in my region… and perhaps even a pod-cast (French). We don’t pretend to be the best in this field, but we are 2 guys willing to learn and share.

So to everyone who actually reads my blog (yes all 2 of you), thanks hope you visit the site.

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