Obligatory first post…

Well, after years of reading on other people’s blogs. After weeks of debating if I should start one of my own, and wondering what would I write about. I finally figured out a subject… Computers, network security and other related subjects.

Now, I’m no expert. Not a profession security consultant, nor am I a security analyst. I’m a system administrator, presently learning the ins and outs of security.

Figured I’d use a blog as a reference. I’ll post links to articles related to computer networking and network security, and maybe type up some of my own learning experience during my journey into this strange/difficult and mythical subject known a “Penetration Testing”.

A little about myself I suppose. Been in IT for a few years now, and like many I’ve had a computer since I was a kid (back in the 8086 days). Got a few certifications such as MCDST, Comptia Linux+, Network+, i-Net+ and for some reason I have a CIW certification…don’t ask.

Presently working on Offensive Security 101 [now known as Pentesting with Backtrack], so I’m looking forward to eventually getting the Offensive Security Certified Professional, or OSCP. So odds are, I’ll mostly be posting my experiences along the course, without going against the course’s copyright. Let me tell you, this one is hard…

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