Well, it’s that time of year again for the Hackus crew.

Last year’s CTF event was a great success, so they are repeating for 2011. Like it’s predecessor, this event will be 48 hours non stop spread over 3 days.  Scheduled for April’s 1st-2nd and 3rd of 2011.  Early bird registration is open, see Hackus site for details.

Web application hacking, reverse engineering and the classic CTF. What is new this year you ask? Hardware hacking and Red Team / Blue Team challenge mixed in… They’ll be outdoing themselves with this year’s event.

During the 2010 event, over 70 people (me included) participated in this grueling event.  The atmosphere was one of pure concentration mixed in some techno-music, I admit don’t particularly care for, and spontaneous yelps of joy or sorrow.  It was amazing…

So this year, same as last, I did my best to help with sponsorship.  If you think 2010’s prizes were nice, this year promises to be the same.  So far Offsensive-Security, Social-Engineer.org, No Starch and Satori have gotten into the action.

Check out their “1 sponsor a day” blog postings to find out more…

Thanks guys for letting us in on this…
Have a good one!

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