–RIM Stands Firm in Face of Governments’ Demands for Monitoring
(August 3, 4 & 5, 2010)
Saudi Arabia has ordered mobile service providers in that country
to stop service to Blackberry devices as of August 5 because the
practices of Blackberry’s parent company, Research in Motion (RIM),
do not comply with Saudi Arabia’s regulations.  A RIM executive said
the company would not bow to governmental pressure, and that allowing
governments to access BlackBerry communications could damage its
relationship with other customers.  Earlier this week, the United Arab
Emirates (UAE) announced that due to security concerns, BlackBerry
services would be blocked there as of October 11 unless the issues
get ironed out.  Indonesia is also pushing for RIM to allow government
monitoring of communications.  The country wants Rim to put a server
in Indonesia so it can monitor domestic communications.  RIM processes
and stores BlackBerry data on servers in Canada.  RIM co-CEO Michael
Lazaridis said, “Everything on the Internet is encrypted.  This is
not a BlackBerry-only issue.  If they can’t deal with the Internet,
they should shut it off.”

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