Well a group called “TeaMp0isoN” has release a e-zine with some interesting information on a few sites they’ve recently hacked. You can have a read – here – Interesting read
**UPDATE** Well after a few complaints, I’m removing the TemMp0isoN file. Seeing my goal isn’t to piss off anyone.

Although I don’t condone such actions, it is good to point out that everyone is at risk. You don’t need to be a fortune 500 company to become a target.
This proves that, being an idiot is enough… 😉
[note: wonder how long it will take for Inj3t0r to take credit]

Another note of interest, the Stuxnet rootkit appears to have been reversed engineered.
More details – here
Download it – here

Also here’s a link to a blog that has the Torrent file to download KAV 2009’s source code. Enjoy

<ps: Kioptrix makes no claims that these files are valid, accurate or safe for use.>

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