The Sulley Framework is a great fuzzing tool. One of the best out there in my opinion. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell anyway, development has stopped. Meaning nothing new to the framework… For last few months, I’ve been doing my best to learn this framework. Let me tell you, it hasn’t been always easy. Not much information out there besides a few basic tutorials.
Something else that is missing are request files. The request file is, in sense, what makes fuzzing an application possible. There are a few files that come stock with Sulley, but not many. So I’m gonna try and re-mediate the situation by posting/sharing request files I’ve been able to find and/or create with the help of a few friends.

Sulley Request Files
The Sulley Framework Request File Repository; My hopes (in time) is to build a nice collection of files so people trying to learn and use Sulley can have a starting point. I also hope that veterans of the framework will be nice enough to contribute, point out mistakes and send in their own request files they’ve crafted over time. The site is pretty new, and I’m not web designer. I’ll do my best to update the file list when new ones are created, or sent in.

So I call out to everyone that has experience with this framework, and to help out the new guys.

Thank you,

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