This morning wasn’t a great one for us here.
When I logged on to our site to see this as our main page:

Kioptrix Defaced

Egg on our faces I guess. We are still investigating the cause of the hack. No real damaged was done besides our egos.  Nothing was deleted besides a few php files here and there. Seems that the French part of the blog was the hardest hit.  We are aware of a few possibilities, but before I venture a guess on how everything played out I’ll just leave it at that.  Once we take the time to figured the exact root of the problem, be assured we’ll share it with everyone.

To ATesS, the person or group claiming responsibility for the hack.  I really don’t have much to say unfortunately.  Good job? euh…  not really.  I don’t see the point of defacing low profile, small time sites like ours.  We are far from being popular, and never proclaimed to be expert security people.  From the beginning we’ve been saying we are enthusiast and nothing more.  So the reason for the attack is lost on us.  Can we appreciate the work you put into this?  I suppose so.  Time and effort was obviously put into doing this.  Effort, in my opinion, that could’ve been put to more constructive and legal activities… but that’s just me.  So enjoy the time the site was “down” or “defaced” which wasn’t for very long I must say.  Hope you got a kick out of it, but really get a girlfriend and get laid it’s way more fun  😉

This must serve as a lesson to all.  A good backup solution is a must… I speak of experience.  Recently I lost hundreds of baby pictures due to a hardware failure.  The irony was, I was performing a backup at the time on an external device (I was able to get them back).  Not only did I lose baby pictures (of my first born mostly), we also lost our e-mail server.  We are slowly putting things back to normal.

On to good news now.  I’ve been away from some time now due to the birth of my son.  He’s (at the time of this writing) 5 weeks old.  Becoming a father all over again is a great feeling.  My daughter will now have someone to play with soon.  No plans for a third… lol

So until I get my hardware issues fixed, and family life back to “normal” my posts will be few and far between unfortunately.
Thanks for your support.

Have a good one,


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